Veteran's Committee Report 

Veteran's Committee Report 

Attention Military Service Veteran’s:

On August 1st 2015, President General Lawrence officially brought the Special Ops Veterans Corp Task Force under the VRC.  This will accommodate the processing of Certificates of Patriotism for past, current and future operations, which are associated with less known campaign, service and/or expeditionary medals. Also the Southwest Asia Task Force will include the Persian Gulf Veterans Service Corp.  All 18 Countries that are included in the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Area of Responsibility will be under this New Initiative.  You can use the attached link to complete the form:  SAR Veterans Multi-Corps Survey Form.pdf.  You can also fill out this form on line by going to:, then open up VRC Tab and fill out form.  Once completed submit it to me with a copy of your DD214.

Veterans Services Corps Totals:
WWII - 464(There was a total of 865 Compatriots in this Corp)
Korea - 156
Vietnam - 443

SW Asia / Persian Gulf - 76

Special Operations - 28 (Started 08/01/2015)
Military Service Veterans Corps - 204
Total - 1,371

44 Compatriots have their Certificates of Patriotism in processing.  For all six Veterans Corps, 1967 Compatriots have been issued Certificates of Patriotism.  David Schultz received his SW Asia certificate of patriotism on 9 June 2016.  I also would like welcome and thank our new member, Jerry O. Runyon for his Military Service to our Country.

Gov. Joseph Hiester Chapter - Pennsylvania Society - Sons of the American Revolution