Gov. Joseph Hiester Chapter - Pennsylvania Society - Sons of the American Revolution 

Annual Dinner Meeting, December 8th, Berkshire Country Club


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​​Chapter News

2017 Marks the Chapter's 80th Anniversary 

Early in November of 1936, Mr. Louis J. Heizmann called a meeting of all interested in the formation of a local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. Some applica­tions for membership were received, but due to insufficient interest the work of organiza­tion was temporarily abandoned. In January, Mr. Louis Heizmann, Mr. John Hunter-Henninger and Mr. John

R. Hay, decided to secure sufficient

applications so that a chapter could be

chartered. Through their efforts and the

co-operation of Mr. Irving C. Hanners the

necessary number of applications were 

received, and a charter was approved on

May 11th, 1937. The first dinner meeting

was held on June 17, 1937.

​​Wreaths Across America

December 17, 2016 at 12:00PM

2016 CWS Wreath Flyer.pdf

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